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The Delaware River Club

The Delaware River Club rests on the banks of the West Branch of the Delaware River, which is considered one of the top five wild trout streams in the nation. The “Club” requires no membership, is fully open too the public, and provides lodging, guide services and fly fishing schools. Its prime location allows visiting anglers to apply their skills on the entire Upper Delaware System.

The Delaware River Club has activities for the whole family including an in-ground swimming pool, sprawling green lawns, nearby hiking trails and a private fishing pond. If you’re visiting to fish, hunt or just relax with your family, the Delaware River Club is the perfect location.

Whether you are traveling from New York City, Upstate New York, Philadelphia or Southern New England, we are conveniently located within a short driving distance. We encourage you equally to explore our mountain scenery and breathtaking landscapes, experience the excitement from landing a challenging fish or merely enjoy the serenity surrounding the DRC. Get in touch with us today to book your

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    Delaware River Report / Conditions August 20, 2014

    It was tough fishing on the lower West Branch last night with only a few mayflies coming off and most of the fish keying in on a large number of #26 flying ants.  We had just enough summer stenos on the water to get some of the fish interested in eating one but a number […]

    Delaware River Report / Conditions August 19, 2014

    The wind was definitely calmer yesterday which helped the fishing.  In the morning nymphing definitely paid off on the lower West Branch.  The sulphurs and small olives came later in the evening offering some dry fly action.  Spinners are falling early due to the cold weather so if you get a refusal on a dun […]

    Delaware River Report / Conditions August 18, 2014

    The release from Cannonsville was raised to 661 cfs this morning until further notice. The West Branch is still perfectly wadeable and floatable at 661 and most anglers will only notice a slight difference from yesterday.  Hopefully it flushes some of the green algae out of the upper river but it may not be enough […]

    Delaware River Report / Conditions August 17, 2014

    It looks like our cool weather will continue with highs in the mid 70s today, a few clouds in the morning, and moderate winds.  Accuweather has had the wind predictions wrong all week so it’s hard to say what we will actually receive.  So far it’s calm this morning with a heavy mist.  The cool […]

    Delaware River Report / Conditions August 16, 2014

    Yesterday’s winds finally did calm down in the evening to the predicted 2 mph giving us some decent dry fly opportunity late in the day.  We saw a mix of olives and small sulphurs on the water with an occasional summer steno floating past.  The air temp dropped once the sun fell behind the mountains […]