Delaware River Report / Conditions September 28, 2012

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UPDATE! looks like we just went through the roof at Hale Eddy. The slug hasn’t hit us here at the Club, but I am sure we’ll be seeing it shortly. Give me a call at the club if you need an up-to-the-minute report!

For a change, everything pretty much went as predicted yesterday (not the weather, but the fishing at least). The middle of the day was fairly slow, with little hatching activity, but as soon as the sun hit its apex and dropped a bit, we saw good numbers of pseudos and heptagenias coming off, with the occasional Iso thrown in for good measure. Nothing spectacular, but it was pretty consistent action into the evening. The rain started around midnight last night, and has been slow and steady ever since. Hale has jumped a bit (100 cfs) and the rain is still going this morning. It looks like the system is just about all the way past us, so we shouldn’t get too much more precipitation today, and hopefully the river stays clear. The other good bit of news is the cloud cover that is predicted for today – we could be looking at another repeat performance of Wednesday, where the pseudos and deficiens were out in full force during the over cast portions of the day. Let’s also hope that the air temps stay warm until I can get out of here to take advantage of what’s shaping up to be another good day!

Curtis McElhinney with a great Main Stem Smallie – his first EVER, caught on Jeff’s Messy Craw. Photo by: Jeff White

Tricorythodes species – #22 male and female (waning & sporadic)

Isonychia bicolor – Isos – #12-2XL and BIGGER!

Heptagenia hebe – Olive Sulphur – #16 & #18

Pseudocloeon- Tiny BWO- #22-26

Epeorus vitreus – Light Cahill – (Male)- #14 (sporadic)

Ephemerella invaria – Large Sulphurs / Light Cahills – #14 (waning)

Ephemerella deficiens- Dark. BWO -#12-20 (when cloudy)

Ephemerella attenuata- Light BWO- #16-20 (when cloudy)

Hydropsyche- Tan Caddis- #18

Ryacophilia- Olive Caddis- #16

Baetis species – #18 & #20 (sporadic when cloudy)

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 355 cfs @ 49º
West Branch at Hale Eddy,NY 419 cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Harvard,NY 156 cfs @ 56º
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy,NY 824 cfs @ 58º
Mainstem at Lordville,NY 1,190 cfs @ 60º
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls,NY 484 cfs @ N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Level & Release 54.9% – 305 CFS release

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