The Spirituality of Fly Fishing

The Spirituality of Fly Fishing Retreat
September 2021
Join Vito Baldini, the Mercy Ministries pastor of Liberti Church in Philadelphia (, and Jody Martin (author of the recent book The Spirituality of Fly Fishing) at a weekend like no other. Days will be spent learning how to fly fish and casting to wild trout, while evenings will be devoted to furthering our understanding of the spiritual nature of fly fishing – why we are so drawn to it, how it helps and heals us, what we want and expect from it, and how we can give the gift to others – based on Jody’s book. Men, women, couples, families, and even children (over the age of 15) are encouraged to attend, as there is sure to be something meaningful for everyone. Lodging, meals, fly fishing instruction, guided fishing, and spiritual discussions – everything is included! Also available are hiking trails, a private 3 acre fishing pond, and an outdoor pool.Come relax, recharge your batteries, get closer to God, and become engaged in the wonderful and spiritual world of fly fishing! But register soon – space is limited! Contact us at or 570-635-5880.
The Spirituality of Fly Fishing book by Jody MartinJody-bio
Dr. Jody Martin is Vice President for Research at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church USA. A lifelong student of nature, Jody is a world renowned marine biologist who studies crustaceans (crabs, shrimps, and their relatives) and enjoys learning and teaching about nature. Fly fishing is one of his lifelong passions. His recent book The Spirituality of Fly Fishing, on which our retreat is based, evolved from a class he teaches in southern California. Currently studying for his Fly Fishers International Casting Instructor Certification test, which he hopes to complete in the fall of 2018, Jody lives in Thousand Oaks, California. Vito-bio
Vito Baldini is the Pastor of Mercy Ministry, at Liberti Church Center City and Main Line, in Philadelphia. As the Pastor of Mercy Ministry, he is able to engage in the social issues in Philadelphia by leading and training people to serve people experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, and addictions. He manages the Easter Outreach project, which is a effort across 70 churches and non-profits to distribute Easter dinners to families in need. Fly fishing has become an integral part of Vito’s spirituality, connecting him to God through nature. He loves to fish the Upper Delaware and Penns Creek in State Collage, PA. He loves taking his daughter and wife fly fishing and sharing his passion with them.