Upper Delaware River Report — June 19, 2010

Today, like yesterday, the sun will be out for most of the day.  Fishing for today should be better in the morning and towards dark, you can try nymphing or throwing streamers during the hot parts of the day if you are not seeing any rises. Yesterday there was decent action up and down the West Branch on Sulphurs and Blue Winged Olives during the day.  Today I would expect Sulphurs, BWO’s and Caddis during the day today.  Towards dark try swinging a large stonefly stimulator pattern through riffs or towards the banks.  Flows are holding steady through the day but the temps are slowly rising due to the bright sun and warm air temps.

West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY       529 cfs @ 50º
East Branch at Harvard, NY         179 cfs @ 58º
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY       694 cfs @ 64º
Main Stem at Lordville, NY            1230 cfs @ 66º
Main Stem at Montague, NJ           3510 cfs @ N/A
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY       308 cfs @ N/Aº
Cannonsville Reservoir Level       94.3%
Cannonsville Reservoir Release        415 cfs
Sulphurs                 Size 14-18
Charcoal Caddis     Size 14-16
Tan Caddis            Size 14-16
Blue Winged Olive Size 16 & 20
Iso’s                       Size 12 2XL-14
Stoneflies                 Size 12-14