Delaware River Report / Conditions July 7, 2017

We’ve had a bit of rain this morning but it looks like most of it has soaked into the ground.  The creeks are clear, the Beaverkill and East Branch have actually dropped a bit, and the West Branch is steady with just over 600 at Hale Eddy.  It definitely looks like an olive day with the overcast sky and light intermittent rain.  We may see a little over 1/4″ today but most of the storms have been tracking north of us lately.  We should also see a few more sulphurs and isonychias hatching during the day if the weather holds.  Winds look great today peaking around 8  mph.  It looks like it will be a really good day to be on the river.  West Branch water temperatures look great.  The lower East Branch, lower Beaverkill, and lower Mainstem are all peaking a little high to fish for trout so check them with a thermometer before you start.  Water temperatures in Callicoon look great for smallmouth if you’re looking for something different to do.


Slate Drake #12-2xl – 12 – Isonychia bicolor
Sulphur – #16 – 20 – Ephemerella dorothea
Brown Drakes #10-2xl – Ephemera simulans
Light Cahill – #14 – Ephemerella rotunda
Light Cahill – #14 – Ephemerella invaria
Pale Evening Dun / Pink Lady – #14 – Epeorus vitreus
Little BWO – #22 – 26- Pseudocloeon sp.
Light BWO – #14 – Drunella cornuta (previously Ephemerella cornuta)
Blue Wing Olives – #18 – Baetis sp.
Dark Blue Sedge – #14 – Psilotreta spp.
Little Tan Sedge – #16 – 18 – Glossosoma sp.
Green Caddis – #16 – Ryacophilia sp.
Tan Caddis #16 – 18 – Hydropsyche spp.

Click on the gauge below for the most recent update:

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 628 cfs
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 621 cfs
East Branch at Harvard, NY 167 cfs 61°
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy, NY 504 cfs
Mainstem at Lordville, NY 1,180 cfs
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 182 cfs 68°
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 600 cfs
West Branch at 191 Bridge  N/A 62°
West Branch at Walton (Cannonsville inflow) 195 cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir Capacity 95.3%
Pepacton Reservoir Capacity 97.5%