Delaware River Report / Conditions October 27, 2012

A Storms like Hurricane Sandy is like the damn Superbowl (please don’t sue me NFL) for the Weather Channel and every other meteorologist out there. Or Apocolypse. Take your pick, and take it down a notch guys, really.  While it does look like it could bring some pretty serious weather up here, as of right now we’re “safe” until mid-Monday at the earliest. Winds are the concern, and we’re not hearing what kinds of rainfall we can expect in our area. Until then, let’s keep fishing! We had an unseasonably warm day here yesterday, and the bugs responded in kind and early – starting around 11:30 or so we had good Pseudo activity here on the lower West, and the fish were actually steady in places! The afternoon did get a little bit weird however, with certain pools (Home Pool being one) shutting down around 2:00PM, and others carrying on all the way into the evening. Today we’ve got more clouds, and even warmer temps, so the action should start early, and will hopefully continue on as it did yesterday.

After a brief hiatus look who showed up on an outside wall of the shop this morning – the Pseudos! Sorry for the lame cell-phone resolution. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Isonychia bicolor – Isos – #12-2XL & #12 & #14

Heptagenia hebe – Olive Sulphur – #16 & #18 (waning)

Pseudocloeon– Tiny BWO- #22-26

Stenonema stenocron(et al) – Light Cahill – (Male)- #14 (sporadic)

Hydropsyche- Tan Caddis- #18

Ryacophilia- Olive Caddis- #16

Baetis species – #18 & #20 (sporadic when cloudy)

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 146 cfs @ 47º
West Branch at Hale Eddy,NY 435 cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Harvard,NY 374 cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy,NY 1,950 cfs @ 52º
Mainstem at Lordville,NY 2,820 cfs @ 54º
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls,NY 923 cfs @ N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Level & Release 65.0% – 150 CFS release