Delaware River Report / Conditions October 4, 2021

2 PM update.  We’ve had some heavy rain over the last few hours.  Click on the links below to get the most up to date flow information.


We had some rain overnight and there is a light rain falling this morning.  The Beaverkill flow is climbing so the East Branch flow will go up too.  Oquaga Creek is rising slowly and is only 28 cfs this morning.  We have close to 1″ of rain in the forecast.  If that hits and the flows change dramatically during the day we’ll do a report update.  Yesterday was a good day on the water with streamer and nymphs early followed by dry fly fishing in the evening.  We mostly saw Pseudos hatching but there were a lot of caddis in the bushes and a few Isonychias.  The East and West Branches are still too high to wade.  The feeder streams and upper reaches of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc are your best bets.  The West Branch has the normal Fall tint to it but it doesn’t hamper the fishing at all.


Tim Glynn had a good day yesterday.  Bruce Miller photo

Tim Glynn had a good day yesterday. Bruce Miller photo

What’s Hatching:
Olive Sulphur – #18 – 20 – Heptagenia hebe
Light Cahill – #14 – Stenocron spp. , E. invaria
Slate Drake – #12-2xl – 12 – Isonychia bicolor
Tiny Blue Wing Olive – #20 – 24 – Pseudocloeon sp.
Blue Wing Olives – #16 – 20 – D. deficiens, lata
Light Blue Wing Olives – #16 – 20 – E. cornutella, attenuata
Tan Caddis – #16 – 18 – Hydropsyche sp.

Click on the gauge below for the most recent update:

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 1,400 cfs
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 1,700 cfs
East Branch at Harvard, NY 823 cfs 47°
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy, NY 1,520 cfs 51°
Mainstem at Lordville, NY 3,290 cfs 57°
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 744 cfs 55°
Cannonsville Reservoir Release  1,400 cfs
West Branch at 191 Bridge N/A 60°
West Branch at Walton (Cannonsville inflow) 485 cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir Capacity 90%
Pepacton Reservoir Capacity 93.9%