Delaware River Report / Conditions Octobr 18, 2012

It was definitely a beautiful Autumn day on Wednesday. Warm temps, plenty of sunshine, and fairly mild wind on the whole. The bright sun warmed the West Branch quite a bit, with the temperature at Stilesville jumping up into the mid-50s at the warmest part of the day. The same was true for the lower West, as the lower flows can’t sustain the colder morning temperatures with such bright sun and warm air temps. We did see good insect activity when the sun hid behind the clouds, as well as when it started to dip down towards sunset, with a decent number of fish rising on the West into the evening. The trout-to-chub ratio was difficult to determine however; our rubber-lipped friends have moved up into the faster feeding lanes that the Browns & Bows tend to prefer. Odd behavior indeed! Today we’re looking again at temps in the mid-60s, but substantially more cloud cover which can only be beneficial for our little Pseudo friends, who should be out in good numbers.

Just a reminder that there are definitely some honkin’ big chubs out there. Photo by: Jeff White

Isonychia bicolor – Isos – #12-2XL & #12 & #14

Heptagenia hebe – Olive Sulphur – #16 & #18

Pseudocloeon– Tiny BWO- #22-26

Epeorus vitreus – Light Cahill – (Male)- #14 (sporadic)

Ephemerella invaria – Large Sulphurs / Light Cahills – #14 (waning)

Ephemerella deficiens– Dark. BWO -#12-20 (when cloudy)

Ephemerella attenuata– Light BWO- #16-20 (when cloudy)

Hydropsyche- Tan Caddis- #18

Ryacophilia- Olive Caddis- #16

Baetis species – #18 & #20 (sporadic when cloudy)

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 150 cfs @ 47º
West Branch at Hale Eddy,NY 209 cfs @ 47º
East Branch at Harvard,NY 143 cfs @ 46º
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy,NY 675 cfs @ 48º
Mainstem at Lordville,NY 924 cfs @ 50º
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls,NY 353 cfs @ N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Level & Release 56.7% – 150 CFS release