Delaware River Report / Conditions September 28, 2015

The release from the reservoir continues at the same level as yesterday. The West Branch remains off-color and the East Branch is clear but very low. The forecast is calling for cloud cover today and sporadic rain over the next few days. Cooler air temperatures for the rest of the week should keep the water temperature down throughout the system. Streamers have been working well the past few days, but look for rising fish as evening falls.


Not bad for Vince’s second fly fishing experience. Photo by Bruce Miller.

Slate Drake #12 – Isonychia bicolor
Sulphur #18-20 – E. dorothea
Tricos #22 – 26 – Tricorythodes sp.
Light Cahills #14 – various steno species (invaria, etc)
Tiny Blue Wing Olives #22-26 – Pseudo sp. (now classified as Acentrella sp.)
Charcoal Caddis #14 -16 – dark Brachycentrus sp.
Tan Caddis #16-18 – Hydrosyche sp.
Blue Winged Olives #16 – 18 – Baetis sp.
Flying ants #16-24

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 1,230 cfs 58°
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 1,400 cfs 57°
East Branch at Harvard, NY 101 cfs 55°
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy, NY 135 cfs 60°
Mainstem at Lordville, NY 1,490 cfs 60°
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 63 cfs N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 1,210 cfs
West Branch at 191 Bridge  N/A 58°
West Branch at Walton (Cannonsville inflow) 45 cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir Capacity 58.2%
Pepacton Reservoir Capacity 76.3%