Delaware River Report / Condtions April 10, 2012

Ever see Groundhog Day? It somewhat feels like that around here as of late. Same weather, every day, without fail. Today we are scheduled to see a little precipiation, which is never a bad thing – we’ll see what affects it has on the hatches and the fish. Yesterday saw our same pattern of bright sun and high winds, but the fish seemed to be getting used to it, and folks on the West Branch and Main Stem did very well for themselves, despite the trying conditions. Fish were finally on the Apple Green caddis towards dark last night, once the mayfly hatching had ceased.

Ok, apologies in advance, but it’s time for a bit of commentary. If any of you readers are centerpinning enthusiasts, I understand there is a time and a place for it, but the Delaware is not it. We had 3 ‘pinners going down the West Branch yesterday, tying up every pool they came to for hours at a time. I will not pass judgement on Centerpinning as a whole, but etiquette / common sense tells me that three people should not monopolize an entire section of river. We had a father and his two sons trying to learn to fly fish in Home Pool, while bobbers are floating by them from guys 100+ yds upstream. Needless to say, we did not care for this. Enough of that, I will now step off my soap box.


Ephemerella subvaria – Hendricksons – #12 & #14

Paraleptophlebia adoptiva (Blue Quill) – #16 & #18

Brachycentrus Caddis – Apple Green – #16 & #18

Baetis species – #20

Chimmarra (little black) Caddis – #18 & #20

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 174 cfs @ 39º
West Branch at Hale Eddy,NY 280 cfs @ 42º
East Branch at Harvard,NY 127 cfs @ 44º
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy,NY 471 cfs @ 44º
Mainstem at Lordville,NY 1,030 cfs @ 48º
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls,NY 274 cfs @ N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Level &Release 90.6% –150 CFS release