The Delaware River Club: Upper Delaware River Report 10/28/10

Flows are looking great today across the board. Water temperatures dipped a little last night, hopefully priming conditions for a good day of fishing today with the mostly sunny forecast. As temperatures start to warm, we should see an increase in fish and insect activity as the day progresses.  Streamers work well at these flows and we suspect there will be some surface action as well. Nymphing is also a great option this time of year, and has probably been the most productive technique over the past couple weeks.

West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 756 cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Harvard, NY 330 cfs @ 50º
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY 1,650 cfs @ 53º
Main Stem at Lordville, NY 3,050  cfs @ 55º
Main Stem at Montague, NJ 5,470  cfs @ N/A
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 017  cfs @ N/Aº
Cannonsville Reservoir Level 73.8%
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 159  cfs
Blue Winged Olive (Pseudocloeon) Size 22-26
Blue Winged Olive (Ephemerella deficiens, lata, depressa) Size 18-26
Iso’s Size 12 2XL-14
Charcoal Caddis Size 16-20
Tan Caddis Size 16-20
Stoneflies Size 8 4XL