The Delaware River Club: Upper Delaware River Report 9/16/10

Today’s weather looks good throughout the morning, getting into some cloudy skies and light rain by the afternoon, with T-Storms later in the evening.  Releases have been decreased over the past couple of days, but water levels are still very good for drift boat fishing and have become easier to wade.

Temperatures are looking good across the board this past week, and the fishing has picked up considerably in a lot of sections that have been too warm most of the summer.  Insect activity has been relatively sporadic, but has created some good dry fly opportunities at times, and is occasionally really good!  Isonichia, some Golden Drakes, and some left-over White Flies have had the Main fishing decent, with a mixture of Caddis as well.  October Caddis have also been scattered throughout the system in respectable numbers.  Olives probably remain the most predominant hatch as of late, which is pretty typical for this time of the year.  Flying Ants and Tricots may still be found, but have been noticeably waning this past week.  Don’t be surprised if these hatches have a few really productive days left though. Streamers continue to be very effective with the higher water levels and low visibility.

West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 654  cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Harvard, NY 132  cfs @50º
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY 237 cfs @ 55º
Main Stem at Lordville, NY 931 cfs @ 57º
Main Stem at Montague, NJ 2390 cfs @ N/A
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 72 cfs @ N/Aº
Cannonsville Reservoir Level 46.7%
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 572  cfs
Sulphurs (Stenonema, Stenacrons)               Size 12-14
White Fly’s Size 16-12
Sulphurs (Heptagenia hebe) Size 18-22
Charcoal Caddis Size 16-20
Tan Caddis Size 16-20
Blue Winged Olive (Pseudocloeon) Size 22-26
Blue Winged Olive (Ephemerella deficiens, lata, depressa) Size 18-26
Iso’s Size 12 2XL-14
Stoneflies Size 8 4XL