The Delaware River Club: Upper Delaware River Report 9/9/10

The river looks to be in pretty good shape this morning and the overcast skies should stick around most of the day with a high of 64 for the day, and showers later this evening.   The release has slightly increased again this morning and with this weather, streamer fishing has the potential to be very productive.  Be prepared for olives throughout the day as well.  Temperatures look good on the West Branch and the upper Main Stem, to about Stockport.

West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 872  cfs @ 52º
East Branch at Harvard, NY 140  cfs @57º
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY 248 cfs @ 63º
Main Stem at Lordville, NY 986 cfs @ 62º
Main Stem at Montague, NJ 2240 cfs @ N/A
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 78 cfs @ N/Aº
Cannonsville Reservoir Level 52.7%
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 786  cfs
Sulphurs (Stenonema, Stenacrons)               Size 12-14
Sulphurs (Ephemerella invaria) Size 14
Sulphurs (Heptagenia hebe) Size 18-22
Charcoal Caddis Size 16-20
Tan Caddis Size 16-20
Blue Winged Olive (Pseudocloeon) Size 22-26
Blue Winged Olive (Ephemerella deficiens, lata, depressa) Size 18-26
Iso’s Size 12 2XL-14
Stoneflies Size 8 4XL
White Fly’s Size 16-12