Upper Delaware River Report — June 22, 2010

Expect a lot of sunshine early on, with hopefully more clouds as the day progresses.  The forecast for today shows early afternoon showers  followed by evening thunderstorms throughout much of the night.  Once again, the West Branch is the place to fish, offering the coolest water temperatures on the Delaware River System.  As the temperature creeps up, the bugs will be more active in the later evening.  Be sure to have sulphur and caddis patterns with you, as those will be the predominant bugs on the water.  During the hot day time, try nymphing if you don’t have rising fish to cast to.  Look to the riffles and faster water, as the fish will be gathering there in the cooler, more oxygenated water.

West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY       503cfs @ 49º
East Branch at Harvard, NY         165 cfs @ 60º
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY       541 cfs @ 68º
Main Stem at Lordville, NY            1020 cfs @ 70º
Main Stem at Montague, NJ           3000 cfs @ N/A
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY       230 cfs @ N/Aº
Cannonsville Reservoir Level      93.3%
Cannonsville Reservoir Release        415 cfs
Sulphurs                 Size 14-18
Charcoal Caddis     Size 16-20
Tan Caddis            Size 16-20
Blue Winged Olive Size 16 & 20
Iso’s                       Size 12 2XL-14
Stoneflies                 Size 12-14