Delaware River Report: October 19, 2023

Our shop will close this Friday 10/20 for the 2023 season. Nothing bad- we just need a little time off. We will reopen April 1st like normal. In the meantime we’ll be back on the blog in November for the limited fly of the week.

They are dropping the West Branch release to zero for some temporary maintenance. While not ideal this happens just about every year and the release should bump back up in the afternoon. We’d love to see them do these during a good rain event but NYC will do what they do. The river should be fine. The bugs should stay wet and the fish can adjust. There may be some redds but the main spawn hasn’t started yet. The East Branch and Mainstem will have decent water during the event.

Today will be 63 degrees and partly cloudy. Wind will be 5 – 10 mph from the south.

What’s Hatching:
Olive Sulphur – # 18 – 20 – Heptagenia hebe
Slate Drake – # 12 – 14 – Isonychia bicolor
Dark Blue Wing Olive – #18 – 20 – deficiens, lata
Tiny Blue Wing Olive – #22 – 26 – Pseudocleon sp.
Olive Caddis – #16 – 18 – Ryacophilia sp.
Tan Caddis – #16 – 18 – Hydropsyche sp.
Dark Blue Wing Olive – #16 – 18 – Baetis spp.

View the current local weather conditions.

Click on any gauge for the most recent data:
West Branch at Stilesville, NY 101 cfs52°
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 274 cfs52°
East Branch at Harvard, NY353 cfs45°
East Branch at Fishs Eddy, NY 868 cfs48°
Mainstem at Lordville, NY 1,470 cfs52°
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY365 cfs49°
West Branch at 191 Bridge55°
West Branch at Walton (Cannonsville inflow) 297 cfs50°
Cannonsville Reservoir Release cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir Capacity86.7%
Pepacton Reservoir Capacity91.3%